Pedrali - 2020

The Panarea collection of outdoor seats, including an armchair and a lounge armchair, consist of a tubular metal frame on which it is woven, in rope, with a light triangular motif, a wide and welcoming backrest. The main feature of the Panarea collection is the lightness of the objects, but also the lightness of the time it arouses. The preciousness, typical of the slow dexterity that has woven it, is transmitted to the duration of being, to relaxing. The weaving technique expresses a solid link between Nature and artifact, in fact the primitive man developed it starting from the observation of the construction techniques of the animal kingdom. The weaving technique appears in similar forms regardless of the different cultures in which it is practiced, and gives the object an archaic familiarity.


Arflex Japan - 2019

The Tango chair was born from the study of models from the Scandinavian and Italian tradition. From these traditions some elements of knowledge of wood have been distilled, purifying the object from any stylistic influence to highlight its pure construction. This is why it is easy to perceive the way the components interact to form the object.


Pedrali - 2019

The warmth of ash wood, the friendly and compact dimensions, make this chair speak a universal language, like a popular song. A light, colored die-casted aluminium ring, becomes the distinctive element which enables the piece to be easily disassembled for recycling purposes or to replace its components.


Pedrali - 2019

Jamaica speaks the language of an age in which art, technology and the imagination came together to give a human face to the aesthetics of machines, reimagining a peaceful world with creative sociability. This a modernist collection which reworks the classic forms of the past with a contemporary edge by changing the ways in which traditional materials of bent plywood and tubular metal are used.


Pedrali - 2018

Tribeca is an outdoor stackable seatings collection whose comfort is due to the elasticity of a durable, cleanable and colored plastic tape. The rhythmical stringing of the chair is minimal, making Tribeca light and airy. Its outdoor, sunny nature gives mediterranean taste to any place in the world!