Pedrali - 2018

Tribeca is an outdoor stackable seatings collection whose comfort is due to the elasticity of a durable, cleanable and colored plastic tape. The rhythmical stringing of the chair is minimal, making Tribeca light and airy. Its outdoor, sunny nature gives mediterranean taste to any place in the world!


Archivio Osvaldo Borsani - 2018

Graphic project for the first retrospective exhibition about Osvaldo Borsani, at Triennale di Milano, 15 May - 15 September, 2018.
Curated by Norman Foster and Tommaso Fantoni, the exhibition presented over 300 objects, from the iconic to the rare.
To accompany this exhibition, CMP hand-selected from a plethora of archived objects to design a state of the art 2-D wall.
This tangible graphic exposition featured an incredibly rich array of archived materials, including original drawings and photographs, to tell the story behind the creations of Osvaldo Borsani.
The graphic project by CMP also included:
- the advertising design, in collaboration with photographer Federico Villa.
- the logo of "Archivio Osvaldo Borsani".
- the exhibition catalog, published by Skira.
- all of the graphic designs and promotional materials, including: the invitations, exhibition signs, wallpapers, paper guides, gadgets, bags, posters, postcards, press kits, newsletters and more.


Pianca - 2017

The Diòniso bed is designed with a large soft headboard on which lean, read and think. The wooden frame has been reinterpreted by ideally overlapping the traditional construction scheme to an armchair scheme. That's why the legs rise to support the tables, similar to armrests, which works as comfortable shelf, rotating and always handy. The warmth of the wood and of upholstered headboard, the tapered and organic lines of the frame, the tactile sweetness of the tables, add a soft human touch to the pragmatic functionalism of the design.


Pedrali - 2018

Nym soft is a collection of uphostered chairs and armchairs. The differential density foam technology provides adaptability and support for each specifically body area. The shapes are similar to the previous Nym collection, but these are full, soft and smooth, while retaining visual lightness.


Ceadesign - 2016

The Knee tap is a new type of kitchen faucet. The object is easy to understand, the components are quite distinct from the use of contrasting materials: the static part is in steel, solid and present, while the spout, with its spherical articulation which allows to orient the flow, is made of integral polyurethane, sterile, soft to touch and constant in temperature. The Knee spout is designed to invite the user to hold it and experience its three-dimensional spatial articulation that provides maximum functionality while working in the kitchen.