Pedrali - 2018

Tribeca is an outdoor stackable seatings collection whose comfort is due to the elasticity of a durable, cleanable and colored plastic tape. The rhythmical stringing of the chair is minimal, making Tribeca light and airy. Its outdoor, sunny nature gives mediterranean taste to any place in the world!


Pedrali - 2018

Nym soft is a collection of uphostered chairs and armchairs. The differential density foam technology provides adaptability and support for each specifically body area. The shapes are similar to the previous Nym collection, but these are full, soft and smooth, while retaining visual lightness.


Pianca - 2018

All in is a plentiful, soft sofa. The ash wood legs supports the cushions by suspending those in the air. It seems that the legs give order and composure to the informal fleecy volumes of the seating. By combining linear and angular modules, chaise-longue and pouf, it is possible to create many elegant configurations. The challenge of this design was to join comfort and balance in a cool compositional balance.


Pianca - 2018

Contralto is a collection of room accessories: valet stands, mirrors, coat hangers, shelves and small tables. Each self standing item of the collection consists of a terrazzo marble base, a tubular stem and a functional element that is suspended at the height of the user. The objects are visually light, it seems that they disappear in the room or they appear again just to serve the user.


Pedrali - 2017

Nym is a collection made of solid ash wood which review with a sober design approach the traditional Windsor chairs. The arched elliptical section backrest embraces the person providing extreme comfort, its smoothness invites irresistibly to touch. The shaped seat is the load-bearing element of the structure, even more comfortable in the upholstered versions. The collection includes chairs and armchairs with ash legs, steel rod sled or swivel base. With its domestic aestethic the Nym is suitable for any architectural context.


Pedrali - 2016

Osaka is a collection of seating with a strong graphic impact whose construction elements remind the linear features of an ideogram, due to their pureness and simplicity. Like the oriental writing, where a symbol reaches the peak of the synthesis expressing a world of meanings, the rectilinear profile of Osaka reveals a welcoming three-dimensionality, completed by the tactile wellbeing of ash wood. The collection includes the chairs and the armchairs, with tubular steel legs or steel rod sled frame. The stool have a steel rod sled frame and a low backrest.


Pianca - 2017

The Diòniso bed is designed with a large soft headboard on which lean, read and think. The wooden frame has been reinterpreted by ideally overlapping the traditional construction scheme to an armchair scheme. That's why the legs rise to support the tables, similar to armrests, which works as comfortable shelf, rotating and always handy. The warmth of the wood and of upholstered headboard, the tapered and organic lines of the frame, the tactile sweetness of the tables, add a soft human touch to the pragmatic functionalism of the design.


Montis - 2016

The Edge sofa is composed by a rigid shell that embraces a soft and comfortable nest of cushions. There is a very light graphic contrast between the rigid structure and the cushions, and the transition between them is shaped in a natural way. The seat is comfortable and informal, and the several configurations suggest an irresistible relaxation. Thanks to the external frame the couch maintains an elegant and tidy appearance despite the free informality of use.